On the nature of four models of symmetric walks avoiding a quadrant, with Thomas Dreyfus

To appear

Discrete harmonic functions in the three-quarter plane, Potential Analysis

Published Papers

3D positive lattice walks and spherical triangles, with Beniamin Bogosel, Vincent Perrollaz and Kilian Raschel. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 172:1–47, 2020 (arXiv)

On walks avoiding a quadrant, with Kilian Raschel. Electronic journal of Combinatorics 26 (P3.31):1–34, 2019


Lattice Walks in Cones: Combinatorial and Probabilistic Aspects

defended on December 6, 2019


Upcoming Talks

2020 November*: Discrete Maths Seminar (Simon Fraser University – Burnaby, Canada)

2020 November*: Computer Algebra Seminar (JKU – Hagenberg, Austria)

Invited Conference Talks

2020 February: Differential Algebra and Related Topics X (New York, USA)

2020 January: Joint Math Meetings (Denver, USA)

2019 March: Doctorantes en Probabilités seminar (Montpellier, France)

2019 February: Journées de combinatoire de Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France)

2018 November: PhD student day of IDP (IDP – Université d’Orléans, France)

2018 March: Pacific Northwest Combinatorics Day (University of Washington – Seattle, USA)

2017 September: Lattice walks at the Interface of Algebra, Analysis and Combinatorics (International Research Station – Banff, Canada)

Conference Talks

2019 May: Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference (Simon Fraser University – Vancouver, Canada)

2018 November: Forum Young Mathematicians (Orléans, France)

2018 May: Young Probabilists and Statisticians 2018 (Oléron, France)

Seminar Talks

2020 June*: Webinaire équations fonctionnelles et interactions (France)

2020 May*: GT Combinatoire Énumérative et Algébrique (LaBRI – Bordeaux, France)

2020 April*: Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (JKU – Linz, Austria)

2020 March*: Séminaire de probabilités et statistiques de l’IECL (Nancy, France)

2020 February: Journée du séminaire différentiel (Inria Saclay, France)

2019 October: SFB-Colloquium (TU – Wien, Austria)

2019 October: Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (JKU – Linz, Austria)

2019 September: Probability Theory Seminar (Institut Fourier – Université de Grenoble, France)

2019 March: Combinatorics and Number Theory Seminar (Institut Camille Jordan – Université Lyon 1, France)

2018 June: Analysis Seminar (IRMA – Université de Strasbourg, France)

2018 April: Graduate Seminar (Grad Social) (Simon Fraser University – Burnaby, Canada)

2017 September: Discrete Math Seminar (Simon Fraser University – Burnaby, Canada)

2017 April: PhD Student Seminar (Université de Tours, France)


Simple Walks Avoiding a Quadrant. Exposed at SFU Symposium on Mathematics & Computation in August 2017 (Simon Fraser University – Burnaby, Canada)